Srive - Prototype Development Templates

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💻 What you will get:

  • A prototype development Miro template 
  • A website wireframe Miro template 
  • A mobile wireframe Miro template 
  • A product presentation Google Slides template 

,that can be used with the corresponding guide on

✅ Work Packages & Outcomes:

  1. Sprint Questions
  2. Customer Journey Mapping
  3. "How might we..?" Questions
  4. Best Practice Lightning Demos
  5. Solution Sketches
  6. Solution Gallery
  7. Storyboard

📚 You can find the corresponding detailed step-by-step guide at:

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🛍️ You will get three Miro templates for prototype development, website wireframing and mobile wireframing, as well as a product presentation template.

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Srive - Prototype Development Templates

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